About Us

We, MyWay New Energy Inc., the exclusive distributor of renowned SOBOWO E-bikes brand. We specialize in providing a range of premium and distinctive E-bikes, available through a widespread network of dealers and retailers across Canada.

Our core belief centers around the advantages of E-mobility: it’s an environmentally conscious and cost-effective mode of transportation, while also encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. At MyWay, our resolute dedication is to support our valued partners in their pursuit of greater success. We achieve this by delivering high-quality E-bikes at a competitive price, ensuring a consistent and dependable supply to meet your requirement.

With more than 10 years expertise in the electric bicycle industry and our own R&D team, our commitment to innovation and quality is unwavering. It’s important to highlight that we do not engage in direct retail sales of electric bicycles. All transactions are exclusively conducted through our extensive network of trusted dealers. As a valued partner, you’ll have access to an exclusive offering: a generous 30% discount on 1 sample of each new model. 

We understand the importance of flexibility in your business, which is why we provide the option to initiate your partnership with as few as 10 electric bikes. As your business flourishes, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer volume-based pricing incentives. Additionally, we guarantee exclusive territorial rights to our dealers, accompanied by comprehensive marketing support, and a range of other advantageous benefits.  

If you are interested in becoming our dealer, please feel free to send email to mywaynewenergy@gmail.com